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by Marriage Counseling Hope on February 2, 2012

Welcome to a unique blog written by marriage counselors who have seen all types of couples and can attest to the hope of most marriages to survive even the worst.  Our marriage counselors are without question some of the best in the nation.  Experienced, trained in couples work, and pro-commitment, they are here to support your relationship!


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Returning Soon

by Marriage Counseling Hope on August 12, 2016

Will be returning shortly with more articles and recommendations!

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What is Your Relationship IQ?

August 7, 2012

See if you can get these questions right!  Answers at the bottom. Questions: 1) The number one predictor of divorce is: a) Ongoing disagreement over money and financial issues. b) The habitual avoidance of conflict. c) Yelling and screaming during fights. 2) Couples that “go the distance”—whose marriages are successful—have fewer disagreements about the three […]

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Marital Partner Blame Game

June 26, 2012

Joanne hadn’t realized that it had been years since she and her husband Bill had even looked into each other’s eyes. They were both flooded with emotion when they finally did – for more than three seconds – in the counseling office. They missed one another. Joanne had finally owned up to the fact that […]

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Bringing Home Baby

June 8, 2012

“We were so in love, Janet said, until the baby was born. Then it was as if I had two children, Jim and Kayla; as Kayla was expected, she was not the problem”. This was Janet’s opening sentence to me when first we spoke. She has a great sense of humor, which allowed for a […]

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A Counselor Suggesting Divorce for a Good Marriage

June 6, 2012

“The last marriage counselor we saw said that we should get a divorce”. These are the most painful words for me to hear when I work with a couple that has been courageous enough to seek out help for their troubled marriage. Marriage is hard and conflict inevitable, and that conflict can cause a relationship […]

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Infidelity Near Miss

June 4, 2012

Brenda and Tim had been married for ten years, had flourishing professional lives and had started their relationship with a solid foundation of mutual respect and caring. They had no children, deciding instead to put their time and energy into their respective careers. In the beginning of their relationship, they were mutually supportive of each […]

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Sexless Marriage and Internet Porn

June 1, 2012

When Tanya and Charles first called the chief issue was that they were almost never having sex. They had tried marriage counseling before and said that their therapist would not talk about sex; she told them that they needed to speak of other issues first. So they landed with me. It was clear from what […]

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Roommates or Soul mates

May 30, 2012

Karl and Sarah are on the couch opposite me. Married for nine years with three children, Karl had called saying they were in a crisis. They’ve spent the last twenty minutes trading accusations but now sit quietly. Sarah cries quietly while Karl struggles to avoid a similar show of emotion. They’re mourning is over lost […]

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Putting the Men in Menopause

May 28, 2012

The first time that I met with Mrs. Z, an attractive 54 year old woman, she described this recent scene: I felt like canceling Valentines Day with my husband. We were meeting in New York City and I arrived at Port Authority on a gloomy, rainy day. As I walked across town the rains came […]

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Internet Chatting with Another Woman

May 25, 2012

Drew-Ann awoke in the middle of the night wondering where her husband Evan of 6 years was, as he was not in their bed. She thought he might be sick so she went downstairs looking for him and to her horror found him chatting to another woman on an internet chat website. This was the […]

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