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Treatment for Premature Ejaculation and Marital Woes

May 23, 2012

Dale and Angie had what appeared to be a happy, normal marriage, but they lived with a painful secret. During sex, Dale came before he wanted to for the entire 25-year marriage to Angie. When both kids left home for college, Angie was all but ready to walk out the door. She demanded they start […]

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Double Cheating and Hot Marriage Conflict

May 21, 2012

Even the worst heartbreak can be healed. Sometimes just when you think it can’t be, that is when the light shines through. New life and reconciliation can sometimes be even sweeter than you ever imagined. After suffering can come redemption and forgiveness – and with couples I find that this creates real intimacy and a […]

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Stale, Overworked Young Married Couple

May 18, 2012

John first contacted me regarding his 5 year marriage to Mary. He was an overworked Lawyer who practiced corporate law and she was in Family law doing mostly nasty divorces. They were both in their early 30’s and this was the first marriage for both. Their primary complaint was that their marriage had gone stale. […]

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Passionless, Stressed, and Distrustful marriage

May 16, 2012

Kathleen and Bob, a couple in their mid 30’s with children, had been seeing me for only 3 sessions when a homework assignment I gave them dramatically improved the energy between them and led to their facing each other excitedly in the 3rd session, each eagerly seeking the other. The back story behind this 10 […]

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A Marital Bond of Hostility

May 14, 2012

About 5 years ago I began working with a couple who began marriage counseling, believing that they would get a divorce. At the point they came to me, their relationship seemed to be based upon a bond of hostility. They consistently argued angrily as their main form of communication. Both said that they loved each […]

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Self-Injury, Drinking, And a Miserable Marriage

May 11, 2012

Alice and Tor have been married for 10 years, no children. She is a nurse and he is government worker. They have mixed ethnic heritage. She is white Anglo and he is second generation Asian . When they came to see me, they were exhibiting signs of high distress. They didn’t think their marriage would […]

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Workaholic Wife and Critical Husband

May 9, 2012

Fran, after 26 years of marriage, had decided to divorce Harry. She had consulted an attorney, told her mother and sister, put Harry on notice and then her two teenage daughters called a family meeting and insisted that their mother and father get counseling. Fran described Harry as a negative person who found fault with […]

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Baby and Discouraged Parents

May 7, 2012

On the advice of a friend, Ann and Dave sought my help at a serious crossroads. Dave had just moved out after acknowledging he was having an emotional affair. Although married only three years, this couple felt disconnected and discouraged. This is a sad enough scenario, that of young marrieds who only a few years […]

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Fired by The Marriage Counselor!

May 4, 2012

Melanie burst into tears the minute they sat down in my office. “We got fired by our last marriage counselor,” she said between sobs. “He just sat back in his chair while Mike and I fought, and then he told me I was too angry. He never listened to me at all, and when I […]

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Dropping the Defensive Game

May 2, 2012

Isaac and Rachel, married 16 years, with two teenage children were on the brink of divorce. Tension in the smallest of interactions ruled the day. Financial stresses, the demands of parenting, and disappointment in what each thought marriage would be was about to take them under. Isaac described Rachel as a moving target, someone he […]

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